We aim to generate value for your business by improving how you manage your customers.

To do this we need to understand your organisation - its unique strengths, challenges and objectives - your own Customer dna!


This ensures our recommendations are grounded in reality and integrate successfully within your operation.


"We are passionate about Customer Management. We have very strong personal values and professional ethics which we bring to all our Client engagements"


We understand there is no 'one size fits all approach'. To ensure we give you exactly the support you need…..

  • We listen
  • We quickly grasp your challenges
  • We discuss and agree the most effective course of action for your organisation
  • We will be honest and tell you like it is



To understand your business quickly we need to get under its skin. We establish how it feels to be one of your Customers, we review how you maximise their value for your business and evaluate how effectively your organisation is aligned to support this.


To do this we have used our experience of best practice in key areas to create our unique approach, the Customer dna™ blueprint.


This approach can either be applied:

  • across your organisation covering your - customer strategy, proposition, experience, contact management, people, insight and measurement
  • or focussed on your specific business challenge – e.g. customer segmentation, retention, contact strategy, data strategy


Both approaches give an insightful view of your business, providing practical recommendations which will help you improve Customer Management.



We are keen to help Clients embed the changes we recommend and are proud to have made a tangible difference to our Clients’ business performance.


We can support you in:

  • Planning and prioritisation – working with your cross functional teams to develop strategies action plans
  • Implementation – supporting your people to making it happen fast
  • Coaching and mentoring your people to succeed
  • Interim Management


It’s all about your people

Your people are critical in taking forward our recommendations and improving Customer Management performance. Our consultants have all led teams and understand the role they play in driving change. We are focussed on transferring skills and aim to leave your team both with increased knowledge and motivation.

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We have delivered


  • Improved conversion rates
  • Improved upsell targeting
  • Integration of proactive contacts
  • Increased cross-sell levels
  • Identification and capture of core data
  • Increased advocacy levels
  • Targeting retention activity by value
  • Improved proactive and reactive retention activity
  • Increased value from your data
  • Successful Customer Change Programmes